The J Shed
10 minute documentary filmed at the J Shed in Fremantle W.Australia, some excellent insights by the resident artists. Listen up City of Fremantle. Keep the J-Shed for Artists!! Preserve the Bathers Beach Artists Precinct!.


Mary G’s Kimberley Showcase
30 second TVC for Broadcast on GWN
Director of Photography and Editor

School is Cool
The Mary G Foundation was engaged to deliver an Indigenous Advancement Strategy project aimed at Improving School Attendance. Mary G was also been engaged to deliver the Remote School Attendance Strategy in the remote Kimberley community of Kalumburu, Western Australia.

The Remote School Attendance Strategy operates in 77 remote schools across Australia, and employs local people to develop and deliver tailored strategies to lift school attendance.

In the delivery of both projects Mary G has made a number of visits to Kalumburu and as part of this work has developed the following video. The process around the recording of videos has engaged the local community in some important messages – the following video is specifically for parents of young children. The video reinforces the importance of regular attendance at school to give kids the best chance in life.
Director of Photography and Editor

As a Matter of Fracked Part 1 - Chemicals PASSWORD: fr

One of four short films in regards to Fracking. “Frack Free Future” is a collection of individuals, communities, farmers, doctors, environmentalists, business and civil society groups concerned at the risks fracking poses to Western Australia’s water sources, climate, and sustainable industries like farming and tourism. 

Aboriginal Languages Vox Pops
12 minute documentary filmed at the Aboriginal Languages Conference in Kalgoorlie
Director of Photography and Editor

Action Drama | Pilot Trailer (2016)
We are currently inspiring creative industry participation, sourcing film finance funding and generating investor interest.The movie we aim to create is an accurate depiction of a time in Australia, when accepting a foreigner among its culture, was to visibly shake the heart of the dark underworld. Multiculturalism or 'Cultural Diversity' was still considered a new, often unwelcome concept.
Director of Photography and Editor

Kapi Tjukurla : Water is your Heritage
12 minute documentary
Director of Photography and Editor

Seven Years Old
Music Video made for Charlie Moon

Walking for Resilience
5 minute documentary
Director of Photography and Editor